Mike was born and raised in Bear River, Utah.  Upon graduation from Utah State University, he was commissioned an officer in the Military Intelligence Corps.  After post graduate studies at the University of Utah, he began his active duty as a military intelligence graduate from the Defense Language Institute (Russian and German) in Washington, D.C.

Mike's career specialty in Russian/Soviet counterintelligence has taken him on missions throughout Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, and Asia.  Mike has served with US and NATO militaries, various intelligence agencies, and the US Department of State.  His last foreign assignment was for a six-year period in Moscow and Gorky, Russia.

Mike currently lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with his wife, Bonnie, and their three cats; Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin.  A passion for racquetball, skiing, and college football, Mike also serves in the Sunday school of his local church.  His national best seller, A Train to Potevka, was Mike's first book, followed by his second book, Potevka's Gifts.

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