Mike enjoys speaking and appreciates the opportunity to share his experiences with others.  The success of "A Train to Potevka" and "Potevka's Gifts" keeps him busy speaking to businesses, civic groups, schools, church events, and book clubs in the intermountain west.   

If you are interested in Mike speaking to your professional, civic, school or church group, the following will be helpful as you finalize your plans;

1. The fee for Mike to speak to your organization will be done on a case-by-case basis.

2. If you are a non-profit or church group, we suggest you consider organizing an event with at least 100 to 200 people.  Mike has done hundreds of these and can provide references from university faculty, institute directors, civic, and stake leaders where he has spoken. 

3. Once your event's arrangements have been finalized, please send an email confirming all pertinent information and: (1) a short description of your organization, (2) the number of people expected to attend, (3) the average age of the audience, (4) the point of contact, and (5) travel directions to your event.

4. Please send all correspondence by email to: 

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