"Everyone needs to find a copy of A Train To Potevka.  From intense action and adventure to stories of love and hope, readers of all ages will find themselves immersed in Mike Ramsdell's story telling."  ~Herald Journal

"A Train To Potevka" is a story of faith and love wrapped up in a roller coaster of suspense and fight for survival . . . a profound tale in the land of the Czars.  Mike Ramsdell's book is definitely a must-read."  ~The Leader

Fascinating, intense, real . . . a wonderful book."  ~Dean Hughes, Ph.D.

"An incredible story . . . a real treasure."  ~Judy Brewer

"Rarely has a book so completely captivated my imagination."  ~Colonel Gary Wilkins

"A beautifully written saga of faith and duty.  Part spy thriller, part autobiography, it's from the heart and told with integrity.  I couldn't put it down."  ~Doug Summers

"This book will be read over and over for years."  ~Val Karren

"Terrific!  One of the most incredible and fascinating books I have ever read."  ~Kathie Barson

"A potential best seller; I hope there's a movie."  ~Vadim Klishko, Ph.D.

"Mike Ramsdell has hit a home run with this book!  You find yourself rooting for the
underdog and wanting to become a better person."  ~Marc Rees

"A marvelous story of courage, determination, faith, and love for all of God's
children."  ~Booth Wallentine

"I was fascinated and amazed by this incredible story."  ~Joyce Elison

"Who can resist a feel-good story, combined with a tale of suspense and wonder and running from the Russian mafia just to stay alive?"  ~Jamie Baer

"I read this book quicker than any I can remember."  ~Dr. Val Jensen

"An incredible tale of courage and faith . . . I can't wait for him to write another."  ~Brian Smits

"This books hold one's interest from beginning to end.  Its' as if the reader is in the blizzard, on board the refugee train, running down the frozen back roads, and experiencing the same physical and mental emotions as Mike."  ~Colonel Bob Stack

"A gripping story that will appeal to everyone."  ~Colonel Chuck Horton

"What a story!  My wife and I loved this wonderful book."  ~Chaplain G. Buckley

"An absolute page turner.  We had to turn up the furnace."  ~Millie Ibey

"Fabulous!  We were on the edge of our seats."  ~Trudy Biggers

"I was so impressed and amazed by this inspiring story."  ~Lois Dewey

"I couldn't put the book down!"  ~Colonel Al Love

"First-time author Lt. Colonel Ramsdell does a masterful job of weaving his heart-stopping personal accounts with the sights, sounds, and history of Russia.  One of the most satisfying aspects of Ramsdell's narrative is the descriptions of some of his fellow train travelers, as well as the handful of angels he meets in the tiny Russian village of Potevka.  He so beautifully gives us a glimpse into the enigma of the Russian soul, the combination of human kindness tempered by the reticence engendered by seventy years of paranoid Communist rule and the necessity of self-preservation.  Those who have lived and traveled in Russia will instantly recognize some of these intrepid souls."  ~Steve Crain

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